In the summer of 1986, two hieromonks, Fr.Nikodem and Fr.Atanazy, settled in the Carpathian foothills southeast Poland in the village of Ujkowice, not far from the city of Przemyƛl. They purchased a farmers field and an old barn in which they had their first living quartery. they next began the bulding of a Monastery. They began practically from zero in an empty field and built with their own hands. After some time, they began to be joined by young men who also had the desire to become monks, and together they began erecting a traditional Orthodox Monastery.

Now after 22 years, ther are 14 monks and much has been built. In this handful of pictures presented below you may get a smale glimpse into our everyday reality, our daily tasks, and our divine services. you may find many more pictures in our main internet website at

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